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The SmartServer IoT is the first of its kind industrial IOT edge server that combines automation & control workflow with IOT & cloud services to quickly and securely deliver critical IOT data needed for insights and operational efficiency while maintaining a managed controls network. 

It’s out of the box device management services and UI combined with open interfaces ensures system integrators deploy automation and IOT solutions in days and OEMs create custom applications with ease. The platform offers built-in compatibility with multiple field protocols, a modern data and network management architecture utilizing an MQTT transport; secure cloud connectivity, all in a single programmable system with a rich set of APIs for web and controls applications.

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  • Whitepaper: "Selection Criteria for IoT Edge Servers" 
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Existing Industrial Devices 

SmartServer IoT’s revolutionary open and extensible architecture connects new and legacy industrial devices together with secure modern messaging protocol.  The IAP protocol running within SmartServer IoT is used to abstract data from different devices as well as manage those devices at the edge:

  • No need to rip and replace; access data from existing industrial devices and systems
  • Connect siloed or closed systems and manage controls networks



To emerging IoT protocols & applications

Open southbound interfaces to add emerging device types and applications and a north bound IP interface based on MQTT:

  • Faster time to market for integrating new device types and applications
  • Built-in management apps and services such as scheduling, data logging and alarming running at the edge for responsive and reliable systems 


With insights from cloud analytics & AI Services

Enhance operational efficiency and ROI with insights from data analytics and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) services through seamless connectivity to cloud platforms and remote clients:

  • Powerful open REST and MQTT APIs for access to devices for web applications, remote clients and cloud services
  • Log, trend and analyze sensor, meter or controller data locally or remotely across multiple network of devices